About us

We’ve been asked on many occasions how Marlowe Candle Company started. Well, here’s our story. It all started one afternoon with my daughter at a local Market Day fair. We came across some candle booths and thought making candles would be a fun mother-daughter project. So off we went to make candles. We worked very closely testing different wax blends, wicks, dyes, scent oils, etc… It took many, many trials and errors. One year later, we discovered the perfect wax blend, wonderful wicks, and exceptional scented oils for our candles.

There we were, working in the kitchen reviewing our notes and pouring two candles at a time. It wasn’t long before our friends and local businesses began asking for our candles and Marlowe Candle Company was born! I look back and cherish our time together working on the perfect formula. I still have my daughter’s notebooks listing all of our trials, errors, and successes, which led to what we believe is the perfect candle. Those notebooks are priceless to me as they remind me of our wonderful time spent together as does every Marlowe candle we make. Although Marlowe Candle Company has grown quite a bit since those times back in our kitchen, I still look at our beautiful hand poured candles and can’t help but smile as they bring back precious memories. How awesome is that!

Marlowe Candle Company hand makes every candle to the finest detail. We use the finest wax blend, strongest most delightful scent oils, and lead free wicks to produce exceptional candles. All our candles are hand mixed, hand poured, and hand labeled. We believe in perfection and feel we have achieved it in our candles. Our wax is very smooth and creamy allowing for heavy scent oil saturation. Marlowe candles’‚ intense scent throw can be enjoyed just by taking off the lid.

Marlowe Candle Company specializes in container candles and melts. We offer enticing scents that range from floral to fresh to spicy bouquets.