Retailer Terms And Conditions

Retailer Terms and Conditions

Marlowe Candle Company cannot accept retail applications from:

  • Businesses without a permanent commercial retail store location
  • Businesses that are by “appointment only”
  • Businesses located in a private residence
  • Internet only businesses
  • Businesses located in a vendor leased space
    If you have any questions please contact us at

    In order to support exclusivity to our retailers, we offer one account per zip code and per 10 mile radius to independently-owned retail stores.

  • Accounts will be considered inactive and will lose their active retailer status:
    • If an order is not placed within two weeks of application approval or after a period of 3 months for standing accounts
    • If less than 6 scents are carried
  • Should a retailer become inactive, another retailer within the same zip code or 10 mile radius will be eligible to exclusively carry Marlowe Candles.
  • Marlowe Candles can only be sold at the storefront address listed on the wholesale application.
  • Should the owner own multiple stores, a separate application is required for each store location.
  • Marlowe Candles purchased wholesale cannot be sold via the internet, home-based businesses,craft/trade shows, or in vendor leased spaces.


  • Initial orders have a minimum of 36 candles, 6 scents, 2 candles per scent.
  • Reorders have a minimum of 6 scents, 2 candles per scent.
  • We offer 15oz and 22oz container candles. Retailers can choose to carry one or both sizes.
  • Marlowe Melts are available with qualifying container orders only.


• Most orders ship via UPS within two weeks of receipt.

Damaged Candles

• Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order


• We may update our terms and conditions, prices, candle scents, colors or design at any time.

We reserve the right to cancel a retail account in the event that a retailer is not abiding by our terms and conditions.

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